Hydrocodone (10/325mg)

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Hydrocodone (325/10mg)
Imprint: V 36 01
Strength: 325/10mg
Color: Yellow
Shape: Elliptical / Oval
Drug Class: Narcotic analgesic combinations
Manufacturer: Qualitest Pharmaceuticals
National Drug Code (NDC): 00603-3887

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Acetaminophen-hydrocodone oral tablet is out there as a drug and as brand-name drugs. Brand names: Norco, Vicodin. Acetaminophen-hydrocodone comes as an oral tablet and an oral solution. Acetaminophen-hydrocodone oral tablet is employed to treat moderate to severe pain that other treatments haven't been ready to relieve.

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Acetaminophen-hydrocodone oral tablet may cause you to feel sleepy, dizzy, or lightheaded. Avoid driving a car or using machinery until you recognize how your body reacts to the present medication.

Common Side Effects of Hydrocodone

  1- sleepiness or drowsiness
  2- feeling dizzy or lightheaded
  3- nausea
  4- vomiting
  5- constipation

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Serious side effects of Hydrocodone

  a) Skin rash
  b) Swelling of your face, throat, and mout
  c) Liver problems, including liver failure. Symptoms may include
     1- yellowing of your skin and the whites of your eyes
     2- pain in the upper right part of your stomach are
     3- swelling of your stomach area
     4- itchiness
     5- confusion
     6- feeling tired
     7- lack of appetite
  d) Trouble breathing
  e) Drug dependence

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Acetaminophen-hydrocodone may be a prescription medication. As an opioid, it’s a drug . It comes as an oral tablet and an oral solution.

Acetaminophen-hydrocodone oral tablet is out there because the brand-name drugs Norco and Vicodin. It’s also available in its generic form. Generic drugs usually cost but brand-name drugs. In some cases, they'll not be available in every strength or form because the brand-name version.

This medication may be a combination of two or more drugs during a single form. It’s important to understand about all the drugs within the combination because each drug may affect you during a different way.

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