Vicodin (300/5mg)

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Vicodin Pain Killers

If you need Vicodin pain killers medication for your pain, then you have come to the right place. We also have doctors available for pain management. You can contact us for any pain. If you have chronic pain, then you can take Vicodin 300 mg / 5 mg pills. No Rx is needed to order Vicodin online with next-day delivery at your doorstep.

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Vicodin (300/5mg)
Imprint: VICODIN 5 300
Strength: 300 mg / 5 mg
Color: White
Size: 14.00 mm
Shape: Elliptical / Oval
Labeler / Supplier: Abbott Laboratories
National Drug Code (NDC): 00074-3041

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Vicodin may be a prescription pain reliever developed for the relief of moderate to severe pain. it's a prescription tablet of hydrocodone and acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol). The hydrocodone in Vicodin may be a synthetic opioid, which activates an equivalent neuroreceptors as opiate drugs like heroin.

Vicodin For Sale

Each Vicodin tablet has 300 mg of acetaminophen and comes in three different dosage levels of hydrocodone—5 mg, 7.5 mg and 10 mg. Each Vicodin tablet may have 300mg to 325mg of acetaminophen. It's generally prescribed for one tablet taken every 4 to six hours, though addicts may take much higher doses.

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Vicodin is currently labelled as a Schedule II drug by the Drug Enforcement Agency after being changed from Schedule III in October of 2014. Because the abuse potential of Vicodin and other hydrocodone combination drugs is so high, the DEA voted to tighten restrictions so as to stop fraud and protect citizens who are using Vicodin from abuse or misuse. Abuse of Vicodin is constituted by any sort of use without a prescription or aside from directed by a doctor.

One of the negative complications of Vicodin abuse is liver damage or failure caused by the acetaminophen within the drug. Typical cases of liver damage involve doses of 4,000 mg or more each day of acetaminophen.

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Effects of Vicodin:

Every substance has negative health consequences and Vicodin is not any exception. the apparent negative effects are the potential for addiction and liver damage. a number of the opposite common Vicodin abuse and addiction effects, both mild and high, include:

    Relaxed and Calm Feeling
    Depressed Heart Rate
    Depressed Breathing Rate
    Aches and Cramps
    Nausea and Vomiting
    Muscle Pain

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