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Oxycontin (10mg)
Imprint: OC 10
Strength: 10 mg
Color: White
Size: 7.00 mm
Shape: Round
Drug Class: Narcotic analgesics
Manufacturer: Purdue Pharma LP

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OxyContin may be a slow- or time-release formulation of the prescription pain medicine oxycodone. OxyContin will slowly release for 12 hours to assist ease chronic pain.

Since the consequences of most opioids last between two to 6 hours, the long duration is what makes OxyContin unique in comparison with other opioids. OxyContin is extremely effective at treating chronic pain, but its long-acting formulation makes it easy to abuse.

If someone takes OxyContin as directed for pain, there's usually no high, thanks to its extended-release function. People with severe pain may feel high the primary time using an opioid, but the high quickly fades.

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However, OxyContin can generate a high if it's abused. OxyContin changes how the brain processes pain. When people take OxyContin in high doses or outside the directions of their prescription, they experience a high marked by euphoria or a way of well-being.

OxyContin tablets should be taken whole and never crushed, opened or broken. An OxyContin high is like a heroin high because the drugs add an equivalent way. However, to urge high from OxyContin, an individual has got to break the time-release mechanism by:
Chewing and swallowing
Crushing and injecting
Crushing and snorting

Buy Oxycontin 10mg

The first experience of taking OxyContin will probably be more pleasant than the other time an individual uses the drug. When someone tries to duplicate that first time, the method is usually mentioned as “chasing the high.” most of the people report they never feel nearly as good because the first time they experienced the high.

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People may plan to prolong their high by mixing OxyContin with other substances like alcohol. When someone mixes Oxycontin and alcohol together, they feel an enjoyable high, but the mixture is more dangerous than either drug is on its own.

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