Oxycodone (80mg)

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Oxycodone (80mg)
Imprint: ABG 80
Strength: 80 mg
Color: Green
Shape: Round
Drug Class: Narcotic analgesics
Manufacturer: Teva Pharmaceuticals USA

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Oxycodone, as found in OxyContin or Percocet, may be a powerful painkiller and one among the foremost commonly abused prescribed drugs within the country.

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Oxycodone is that the powerful primary ingredient in many painkillers prescribed to people affected by moderate to severe pain. These pills are available various shapes, sizes and colours counting on the dose and brand. Oxycodone is additionally sometimes prescribed during a liquid form. it's often prescribed as a mixture product with other drugs, including acetaminophen aspirin, and ibuprofen, with different brand names counting on the mixture. a number of the foremost common brand names for oxycodone-based drugs are:

Oxycodone Effects and Abuse

Taking quite the prescribed dosage, taking the drug for extended than recommended by a doctor, chewing the pills, and crushing then injecting or snorting oxycodone are all considered abuse of Oxycodone. many of us abuse oxycodone for its euphoric effects. As an opioid, oxycodone’s effects are strikingly almost like heroin.

The effects of oxycodone use include:

    Reduced anxiety

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Because prescription painkiller use is usually accepted in society, it are often difficult to spot or address oxycodone abuse. Especially within the cases of legitimate prescriptions, it are often hard to inform the difference between a suitable dose and abuse. Ultimately, it comes right down to the negative consequences the drug has on the user’s life. an honest tell-tale sign of abuse is when a private runs out of their prescription early, or before their next script is out there for refill.

Alcohol and benzodiazepines are two of the foremost dangerous substances to mix with oxycodone. Because oxycodone, alcohol, and benzos all depress the central systema nervosum , mixing them are often extremely damaging, and potentially fatal. This deadly cocktail can hamper breathing and cardiac function to the purpose of complete failure. albeit the mixture doesn’t cause death, it can cause irreversible damage to the brain and major organs.

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Additionally, people hooked in to oxycodone also commonly abuse marijuana, benzodiazepines and stimulants. These drugs could also be taken to either amplify or mitigate the consequences of oxycodone.

Oxycodone also can be a gateway for heroin use. When an individual hooked in to oxycodone can not get their prescriptions filled, they'll address heroin for a less expensive , more accessible drug with similar effects.