Roxicodone (30mg)

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Roxicodone (30mg)
Imprint: 54 199
Strength: 30 mg
Color: Blue
Size: 6.00 mm
Shape: Round
Drug Class: Narcotic analgesic combinations
Manufacturer:- Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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What is Roxicodone?

A strong prescription pain medicine that contains an opioid (narcotic) that's wont to manage pain severe enough to need an opioid pain medicine, when other pain treatments like non-opioid pain medicines don't treat your pain tolerably otherwise you cannot tolerate them.

An opioid pain medicine which will put you in danger for overdose and death. albeit you're taking your dose correctly as prescribed you're in danger for opioid addiction, abuse, and misuse which will cause death.

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What is the foremost important information I should realize Roxicodone?

Get emergency help directly if you're taking an excessive amount of Roxicodone (overdose). once you first start taking Roxicodone, when your dose is modified , or if you're taking an excessive amount of (overdose), serious or life-threatening breathing problems which will cause death may occur.

Taking Roxicodone with other opioid medicines, benzodiazepines, alcohol, or other central systema nervosum depressants (including street drugs) can cause severe drowsiness, decreased awareness, breathing problems, coma, and death.

Never give anyone else your Roxicodone. they might die from taking it. Selling or making a gift of Roxicodone is against the law.

Store Roxicodone securely, out of sight and reach of youngsters , and during a location not accessible by others, including visitors to the house.

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Who shouldn't take Roxicodone?

Do not take Roxicodone if you have:

       severe asthma, trouble breathing, or other lung problems.
       a bowel blockage or have narrowing of the stomach or intestines.
       allergy to oxycodone.

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How should I take Roxicodone?

Do not change your dose. Take Roxicodone exactly as prescribed by your healthcare provider. Use rock bottom dose possible for the shortest time needed.

Take your prescribed dose every 4 to six hours. don't take quite your prescribed dose. If you miss a dose, take your next dose at your usual time.

Call your healthcare provider if the dose you're taking doesn't control your pain.

If you've got been taking Roxicodone regularly, don't stop taking Roxicodone without lecture your healthcare provider. Dispose of expired, unwanted, or unused Roxicodone by promptly flushing down the rest room , if a drug take-back option isn't readily available.

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Side-Effect of Roxicodone

       abdominal pain

Get emergency medical help if you have:

       trouble breathing
       shortness of breath
       fast heartbeat
       chest pain
       swelling of your face, tongue, or throat
       extreme drowsiness
       light-headedness when changing positions
       feeling faint
       high blood heat
       trouble walking
       stiff muscles
       mental changes like confusion